Iain Morrison

Managing Director

Here at Kiwi Can Do, we strive to build the Kiwi Can Do brand values of trust, achievement, teamwork, honesty and respect by always thinking about “can do” solutions that deliver positive outcomes, rather than being defeated by a lack of imagination, determination or willpower.

My goal is to create a legacy through the Kiwi Can Do team, the community, business partnerships and networks that helps make Aotearoa New Zealand become an even better place to live, work, play, raise a family, become old with dignity and inspire future generations.

As the founder and sole shareholder of Kiwi Can Do, we have given thousands of Kiwis new-found confidence and a hand with getting a job that will make them, their whanau and friends proud. We are always searching for new and innovative ways to achieve positive outcomes. The greatest reward for all of us in the Kiwi Can Do team is a simple smile and thank you, that shines through when self-respect is regained and lives are turned around.

I am never more relaxed than when I am on the water at sea catching fish, snorkelling, scuba diving or on the back of a quad bike in the great New Zealand outdoors looking for game. It regenerates the soul and freshens the mind for other work.

I am a news junkie. The first thing I do every morning over a cuppa tea is jump online and check out journalists and commentators social media posts, national and international news outlets. On the rare occasions I don’t get this daily “fix”, I feel dissatisfied and slightly grumpy. It is a very old habit that goes back to my career as a newspaper reporter and magazine publisher. It is a habit I don’t intend to break.

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