CV Pool

Kiwi Can Do has developed a CV Pool email that is distributed regularly to trusted trade employers and Ministry of Social Development (MSD) staff.

Our CV Pool is updated by adding new trainees attending Kiwi Can Do courses and taking out those confirmed into employment.

We currently have trainees looking for full time employment in the Construction and Civil trades. All trainees have completed one of our recent courses in Construction, and Civil course opportunities from our last contract with MSD, which includes Class 2-5 trucks, Wheels, Tracks & Rollers, Forklift and Traffic Control.

CV Pool Overview

  • Tips are provided to help employers navigate the CV pool and ensure they get the best desired result
  • Feedback is encouraged, especially if someone is not responding or has an interview/job lined up, so we can move quickly to attempt to make the trainee contactable and collect employment information
  • Our placement form ensures employers are aware of our requirements when hiring a trainee
  • A course calendar is attached to the email for employers to see what courses are being held that current week and the following two weeks
  • Employers are encouraged to reach out to their local Employment Consultant to attend a course, pitch their job opportunities and arrange interviews

Current CV Pool Recipients

Our employer list continues to grow, with each contact being aware of the requirements when hiring from us and rarely do employers need to be reminded to meet standards.

MSD Financial Incentives

We also promote MSD financial incentives that are offered when taking on our trainees and are great incentives for employers to hire job seekers. Mana in Mahi and Apprenticeship Boost are great initiatives that will be returning shortly which offer support for employees on specific training paths and apprenticeships.

Flexi-wage provides a wage contribution (paid to the employer) and support while a new employee gets the skills they need for their new job.

Flexi-wage supports people who are disadvantaged in the workforce, or at risk of being on a benefit long-term or need extra support to meet entry level requirements for a role. They don’t have to be on a benefit to be eligible.


Employers can join our CV Pool mailing list, where upon submission, an email will be sent to our team to follow up.