Charlie Fuller

Relationships & Marketing Manager

Charlie Fuller - Relationships & Marketing Manager
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Kiwi Can Do is here to help Kiwis put COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror and help connect employers with candidates wanting to progress a career in the construction industry. I believe every successful outcome is a life changed for the better, so let’s work together to change some lives. 

My role is to market our trainees to employers – KCD trainees come drug free, with full PPE gear, licence upgrades, relevant qualifications and financial incentives to employ and upskill. By growing the awareness of Kiwi Can Do, we continue to make our mark in New Zealand’s construction industry. 

I am the proud creator and maintainer of the Kiwi Can Do CV pool, and have developed various regions and courses, alongside having run multiple successful employment events.  

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my young family, otherwise you can find me at my local rugby club in Hataitai, Wellington FC, where I coach the mighty Under 85s. 

After multiple dislocations and surgeries on my right shoulder from playing rugby, I have two screws and a titanium filling which sometimes sets off the metal detector when I go through airport security!



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