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Class 2 Truck Licensing

Looking for a truck driving job or a career in civil construction? Find out more about our free class 2 truck licence course. (Currently not available at our Wellington facility.)

Building & Construction

Want to become a builder or find a job in the construction industry? Find out about our free building and construction courses.

painting jobs and courses

If you want to become a house painter, join our course and start a career in painting and decorating today. There are house painting jobs available now! If you enjoy making things go from looking good to looking great you may be interested in a career in house painting. Our FREE three week painting and decorating course will teach you the basics of house painting and help you to get your foot in the door to finding a painting job.

During your time on our painting course, you will learn the basics in house painting. For example you will learn techniques such as; cutting in, prep work, interior painting techniques and exterior painting.

Throughout your painting course, we want to make it simple for you to find a painting job. Therefore, you will also be issued a Site Safe Passport and we will supply you with PPE gear including work boots and overalls. Above all, we will help you upgrade your driver’s licence or get your learners licence if you don’t have it already.

Painting jobs and career opportunities

Getting a job in the painting industry is the first step in becoming a qualified painter. Painters are the tradies who put the final touches on a residential and commercial buildings to make it look stunning.

Once you have a painting job, the usual next step would be to start your painting apprenticeship. First, you need to sign up with a training organisation like BCITO to start your painting and decorating apprenticeship. Now is a perfect time to do this because the government is offering fees free painting apprenticeships until 2023.

We’ll help you find a painting job

Once you have completed our three-week painting and decorating course, we will help you to find a job as a painter.

First, we will update your CV. Then, we will search through our jobs pool to match you with a suitable employer. If all goes well with your interview, you’ll then have a new job in the painting industry. Finally, we will keep in touch with you and your employer for six months. This means we can help with any issues or concerns that may arise.

Start your career in painting today!

We try to make the process of getting you a job as a painter as easy as possible. To sign up for our painting course, all you need to do is fill out our join a course form. After that, a staff member from Kiwi Can Do will call you to arrange the next steps.

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