Loved this course so much! 100% recommend this course for absolutely anyone, no matter how old, how young, different backgrounds, you will always be treated as an equal. The people and staff are more than amazing and always have your best interests at hand and do whatever they can to push you support you to get to where you want to be. Only down thing was how long it was or lack of. I wanted to stay forever! But still wouldn't change anything for the world. If your just at home sitting on your bum doing nothing, Apply! Its only 3 weeks! And You even get your license and have job interviews with huge companies that can set you up with a job in your chosen trade. I cant preach enough about how great and amazing this course was. It has given me a lot of confidence to get out in to the world and do what i need to do to make it. Thank you to all the staff and tutors ill never forget my time here at Kiwi Can Do

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They have so much pride having all the kit. Normally an unskilled worker has to wait a year for spray gear, it’s expensive, a big burden for a business, but with the grant, these guys get it straight away, so they can do their spray training immediately – it gives them a jump ahead…they’re actually productive. Have all the basic skills. So even if they leave, if the employer-employee relationship isn’t good, they have that experience and skill set they can take to the open market, and they’re easily snapped up.

With Kiwi Can Do they’ve got a really good vetting process. They have already weeded out the bad turkeys. Some do have personal issues, but they have managed to identify those and create a pathway to make progress. Kiwi Can Do have a lot of support around the trainees – they help, encourage and inspire them. Visiting after placement is great back up, too.

I like to employ fresh people, with a good attitude, who want to learn and work. If I advertise on Trade Me or take people off the street, I have to work out the bugs... With Kiwi Can Do, they have already done the hard work, figured out an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. They’ve set workplace expectations – turning up, being on time. A Lot of kids their age just don’t get this.

Kiwi Can Do