Kiwi Can Do

Kiwi Can Do is funded by the Industry Partnerships division of the Ministry of Social Development to support the Construction Industry Accord. Our job is to work closely with employers to prepare and support unemployed New Zealanders into employment and a career. There are no fees or costs to employers or trainees for the Kiwi Can Do service.

The Construction Accord is an all-industry and government grouping with a mandate to create a high-performance construction sector that will help lead New Zealand’s economic recovery.

Our Courses

We encourage and support Job Seekers wanting to gain formal qualifications through the BCITO or other tertiary training. We work closely with Work and Income’s service centres and can introduce employers to their front-line staff to talk about other forms of direct financial support.

We train and find civil jobs for example; jobs in Traffic Control and provide training for Class 2 18-tonne truck licences, along with Wheels, Tracks, Rollers and Forklift endorsements.

All of our candidates are kitted out with free PPE gear, SiteSafe Passports, plus gain high-impact CVs and references.

Our field staff

Our field staff are recruiters with a deep understanding and experienced in identifying people with a positive attitude, a genuine desire to work, wanting to earn a living to support themselves and their families. We have candidates located in virtually all parts of the North Island.

Our priority is to find job opportunities close to home. If there is no work nearby, our graduates can opt to relocate to a bigger centre and they are financially supported by MSD to make the move. Kiwi Can Do physically assists them find a job, settle them into accommodation and ensure they have efficient travel plans to get to work.

Our in-work support programme means we stay in contact with candidates and their employers for six months—at least weekly in the first four weeks and monthly after that. It is our job to recognise issues an employer or employee is having and help resolve them to ensure Kiwi Can Do trainees transition smoothly into work and stay there.


Corporate Team

  • Charlie Fuller

    Relationships & Marketing Manager Phone: 027 463 3316 Email:...

  • Emma Paisley

    Digital Marketer Phone: 022 090 0701 Email: emma@kiwi-can-do.co.nz...

  • Selena Edmonds
    Administration Manager

    Contract & Data Manager Phone: 027 320 6285 Email:...

  • Sue Higgins

    Course Administrator Email: sue@kiwi-can-do.co.nz...

Wellington/Central Region Team

  • Atina Poloie

    Employment Consultant - Wellington Phone: 027 222 7766 Email:...

  • Coral Raukawa

    Employment Consultant - Central Region Phone: 027 201 8032...

  • Genia Kandiliotis

    Employment Consultant - Wellington Phone: 027 201 4874 Email:...

  • Lynette Bailey

    Employment Consultant - Central Region Mātanga Hāpai – Mahi Phone:...

Northern Region Team

  • Jax Baxter

    National Sales & Growth Manager Phone: 027 771 1033...

  • Lina Pasi

    Employment Consultant - Auckland Phone: 027 388 9743 Email:...

  • Tess Dixon

    Employment Consultant - North Auckland/Northland Mātanga Hāpai – Mahi Phone:...

  • Tina Damand

    Employment Consultant – Waikato & Bay of Plenty Region Mātanga...

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