Free courses for Work and Income job seekers

Class 2 Truck Licencing

Looking for a truck driving job or a career in civil construction? Find out more about our free class 2 truck licence course for job seekers. (Currently not available at our Wellington facility.)

Building & Construction

Want to become a builder or find a job in the construction industry? Find out about our free building and construction courses for job seekers.

Painting & Plastering

Thinking about becoming a house painter? Painting jobs are available now. Find out more about our painting course for job seekers here.

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If you want to sign up to any of our courses, click the link above and fill out the 'join a course' form. Our staff will then get in touch.

Are you registered with Work and Income?

Our courses are all available free to Kiwis who are on the Work and Income job seekers benefit. If you have an SWN number you are eligible. Talk to your Work and Income case manager or sign up directly through our join a course form.

If you are registered as a job seeker with Work and Income, talk to us now about construction industry jobs. We can get you in front of employers as quickly as possible. Help New Zealand kick-start our economy, plus give your family peace of mind with regular, solid income again. We’ve redesigned our programmes to suit different backgrounds.

Our courses will rebuild your confidence and help you open doors. We give your CV a makeover and offer your services to big and small employers with jobs North Island-wide. We take you to interviews and we work with you to find jobs you enjoy that are close to where you live. Or we help you relocate to where the work is.

Course categories

Our programmes vary from a few days to three or four weeks with new intakes every Monday. If you are already experienced, we will focus on interview techniques, a CV upgrade, finding and applying for jobs, and working on a career plan. If you are entry-level, we put you on the tools and show you the basics. Our sole focus is getting you into a full-time job ASAP. Currently, Kiwi Can Do offer three course categories tailored to suit different peoples needs.

Fast track

If you are a construction-industry worker with solid experience, we can fast track you back into work.


If you have a solid work record and looking for a career change, we’ll assess your skills and jump start you into work.

Entry level

If you are entry-level or looking for further training, you will benefit from our three-week+ work-ready course.

Steps to take

  1. Make sure you are registered with MSD and eligible for our course by receiving a client number. Follow this link and make an application to find out:  (If you are applying through MSD, or know you are already eligible, skip this step. )
  2. Fill out and “submit” our online Jobseekers form OR call our call centre 0800 KCDWORK (0800 523 9675) OR talk to your Work and Income case manager about attending a Kiwi Can Do course.
  3. A Kiwi Can Do staff member will call you and either do an online interview via Zoom or arrange to meet for a face-to-face interview. This is you chance to find out more about the courses, how we operate and the sort of jobs that are available.
  4. If accepted, you start the following Monday (places permitting) and we start the process of getting you work-ready and preparing you for job interviews.
  5. If you get offered a job while still on the course and have completed at least a week, you start work immediately.
  6. We have lodges in West Auckland and Lower Hutt where we offer accommodation during the working week. We pick you up on a Monday and drop you back home on Friday afternoons.
  7. If you live in the Auckland or Wellington cities, we pick you up in the mornings and drop you home again in the afternoons.
  8. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to land a job. We will continue researching jobs that suit your skill set, sending out your CV and following up seeking job interviews.
  9. You will become part of our Employer Day programmes where employers come to special lunch sessions and to spot interviews.
  10. But we expect you to also look for work and not rely solely on Kiwi Can Do. We’ll show you how to job search and submit your CV and ask for a job interview.
  11. Once you land a job we stay in touch with you and your new boss for six months, making contact at least two times a month. We can help you settle into work and attempt to work through issues that may arise at home or in the workplace.

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