Traffic Control

What's expected?

Are you willing and eager to take control of your future through a career in Traffic Control? We provide a short sharp work ready course that will rebuild your confidence, help you plan and set life goals. The intake schedule for our Traffic Control courses are generally monthly or bi-weekly.

On this course you will gain TTM and TMO qualifications with jobs ready at the end of your training. To be eligible for our course, you must be on a Work and Income job seekers benefit, pass a drug test and be double vaccinated.

Once you are on course, we will provide PPE gear, Soft Skills Sessions (via our online learning platform), provide or update your CV, alongside Job Seeking Assistance and support to transition into the workforce. Candidates on this course are eligible where relevant for a Class 1 licence upgrade.

Job Support

Once you have completed our course, we will search our jobs pool to match you with a suitable employer and find you a job in your area. Finally, once you have gained employment, we will keep in touch for at least six months.

Get your TTM and TMO qualifications today!

It’s so easy to sign up for our courses. All you need to do is fill out our join a course form. After that, one of our staff members will call you to arrange the next steps.


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