In our last contract with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), we had a key focus on Civil job opportunities.

Kiwi Can Do saw considerable success with the Class 2-5 truck licencing courses and were instrumental in providing the opportunity for Kat to successfully obtain her full Class 4 licence. 

Hailing from Taupō, Kat worked as an STMS for 10+ years and developed an interest in truck driving and machine operating after working alongside Higgins, Fulton Hogan, Downer and HEB. When she applied for our course, she was working on a casual contract as a Housekeeper and was determined to upskill into a driving role.

She did not expect to get a job so soon, receiving a call from our trusted trade employer, Eagle Recruitment, halfway through the course, which allowed her the opportunity to meet with the team at Higgins Concrete in Taupō and learn on the job. After only one week of driving with another driver, she started driving on her own and is now working on a new geothermal power station with Contact Energy and road changes in the Taupō town centre, seeing changes from a double lane to a single lane, alongside a shared road for pedestrians and motorists.

Kat at work on-site with Higgins

Eagle Recruitment feel privileged to have had Kat onboard for her three-month probation period, with Higgins having offered her a permanent contract from 9 January 2023. Kat is their most consistent and reliable candidate, showcasing the talent that Kiwi Can Do and Eagle can produce. Her communication and dedication are admired from her peers and Steve, her manager.

“Kat has done exceptionally well, exceeded all expectations and is a pleasure to work with,” said Steve.

When talking to Steve, he also noted that she has received compliments on her driving and reversing skills from companies outside of Higgins.

Kat has learnt a lot in 2022 and is very happy that she signed up for a course with Kiwi Can Do when she did.


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