Meet our staff

Our field staff are recruiters with deep understanding and experience in identifying people with a positive attitude, a genuine desire to work, and who want to earn a living to support themselves and their families.

Our priority is to find job opportunities close to home. If there is no work nearby, our graduates can opt to relocate to a bigger centre and they are financially supported by MSD to make the move. Kiwi Can Do physically assists them find a job, settle them into accommodation and ensure they have efficient travel plans to get to work.

Our in-work support programme means we stay in contact with candidates and their employers for six months – at least weekly in the first four weeks, and monthly after that. It is our job to recognise issues an employer or employee is having and help resolve these to ensure Kiwi Can Do trainees transition smoothly into work, and stay there.


Managing Director

National Sales & Growth Manager

Business Development Manager

Digital Marketer – Contractor

Contract & Data Manager

National Course Administrator

HR/Payroll, MD Support

Employment Consultant

External Contractor